FICO is a training ground for a sensorial and educational experience about food and its biodiversity.

We want to re-create a bridge between the new generations, the adults from all over the globe and the food, the agricultural world and its differences. We want to achieve this goal through a real and complete consumer experience by recovering the direct and physical contact with what we eat and with the natural environment in which we live.

Education with FICO is fun, with hands-on activities and games; while at the same time, educational about the earth and animals, providing in-depth analysis and action with a freedom of undoing and patience.
We want to discover Italy from its deepest roots, taking a journey of knowledge together through the entire food production chain of the Italian agro-food industry.
What are the grains?  Where is the bread from? When and how do you plant seeds?  Why are there white breads and dark breads?
We want to educate how to choose and to consume high quality food, to know its nutritional facts. To know about the environment.

To support its educational motivation, Eataly World established the FICO Foundation for food education and sustainability. Its primary aim is in food education and consumption awareness with particular reference to Italian culture.

We are a foundation which will cultivate the values that are put into daily practice within the park and with the specific objective of delivering through the activity of training, promotion and research, supporting the values linked to a healthy, correct, responsible lifestyle, linked to the Mediterranean diet, and directed especially to young people, families, teachers and citizens in general.

Here you can find more details on the FICO Foundation for food education and sustainability.


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