Speciale Arte Fiera - L'arte del cibo
Speciale Arte Fiera - L'arte del cibo
Per tutta la settimana di Arte Fiera ti portiamo alla scoperta dell'arte del cibo in un percorso sensoriale imperdibile.
Explore FICO Eataly World
Explore FICO Eataly World
The largest food park in the world
Learn with 40 farming factories
Learn with 40 farming factories
Where to learn the culture, traditions and crafts that make Italian food great
Create with our courses
Create with our courses
Over 20 courses a day at your disposal to learn the art of doing
Taste the best italian food
Taste the best italian food
In 45 eating points, from street-food kiosks to starred restaurants
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Olio su tavola: 7 cose da sapere sull’olio extravergine d’oliva
Scopri come degustare, abbinare ed apprezzare l’Olio EVO
On Valentine's Day, make a couple with FICO!
Are you single and don't know what to do on Valentine's Day? Are you happily in pairs, but willing to make an original gift? Here are our ideas for a really special day!
Luna Farm arrives at FICO Eataly World
Before the end of the year, the first amusement park with a farmer theme will open in Italy, created by the Zamperla Group
Lantern Festival
The greatest event of chinese tradition illuminates Italy for the first time
AgriBottega: FICO’s Children Creativity Lab!
Hands-on and creativity-enhancing activities for your children.
FICO - Eataly For The World to See
Travel to Bologna with Trenitalia
Celebrating is more FICO...when you do it yourself
Organize your party at FICO
FICO Eataly World Bologna

FICO was born out of a passion for the heritage of Italian agri-food biodiversity.

In just one place you can learn about the culture, traditions, and craftsmanship that make Italian food the most famous in the world.

Enjoy the experiences we have designed for you every day: tours to explore crops, animals, and factories, classes, multimedia rides, and restaurants.


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