Celebrating is more FICO...when you do it yourself

Organize your party at FICO

For your birthday party,, graduation, anniversary or any other occasion, FICO offers you a whole park to choose from for an unforgettable experience.

Make a wish for your birthday party

Whatever idea you have for your party, you can find it at FICO. We have developed personalized packages by age group; from young children to grandparents, choose the most interesting package, and do not hesitate to contact us.

BABYFICO | For FICO children | 0-6 years old

Want to see fresh milk straight from the cow? Do you know which cow has the longest horns? Do you want to learn how to recognize paw prints or make puppets using natural materials? BABYFICO is the party for you.

Do you love animals?
Option: Farm Tour
0-6 years old
2 hours
Guided tour to learn more about the animals of the FICO farm
snack in the park with savory buffet and drinks
from €190 for 15 children
Do you like to make things by hand?
Option: Agribottega workshop
0-6 years old
2 hours
creative workshop with natural materials
snack in the park with savory buffet and drinks
from €190 for 15 children

HAPPYFICO | For FICO kids | 7-12 years old

Do you want to show your friends who's the best at making bread? Or do you want to challenge them in a candy-weaving competition? HAPPYFICO offers the freedom of a space to rent, the option of taking a cooking class to have some fun, and the best snack you can imagine.

Is the venue important to you?
Option: location + snack
7-12 years old
2 hours
space rental
snack in the park with savory buffet and drinks
from €190 for 15 kids
Do you want to test yourself and the others?
Option: Location + hands-on class + snack
7-12 years old
2 hours
space rental with hands-on class
snack in the park with savory buffet and drinks
from €300 for 15 kids

SUPERFICO: For FICO teenagers | > 112 YEARS OLD

Do you prefer a sports party or a food party? In both cases, SUPERFICO is the party for you. Invite your friends for a fantastic pizza and drink and choose whether to combine it with sports (football, beach volleyball, or beach tennis) or a cooking class.

Do you want a sporty birthday?
Option: pizza, drink, and sports field
> 12 years old
sports field rental 1 hour
sports field rental
Neapolitan pizza or drink
from €240 for 15 kids
Is cooking your passion?
Option: pizza, drink, and cooking class
> 12 years old
corso 1 ora
cooking class
Pizza or drink
from €380 for 15 kids

PARTYFICO: For your special occasions

There's always a reason to celebrate, and if the reason is special then the party has to be special too. PARTYFICO is the super-personalized package for every occasion: from graduation parties to anniversaries, from school parties to end-of-work parties. Choose from a dinner with a sensory experience customized for your guests, and an exclusive Italian-style location. We'll take care of the rest.

Special dinner with sensory experience
Option: let's create your party together
for all ages
how much do you want
agreed location
choose your favorite cuisine from 45 places to eat
from €240 for 15 participants
Rent an exclusive venue
Option: let's create your party together
for all ages
4 hours
celebrate in one of the exclusive locations in the world's largest food park
cake, food and drink on request
from €300 for max. 100 participants

How to organize your unforgettable party?

To organize a successful party, YOUR party, the essential ingredients are: the selection of a particular venue that represents you; offer an experience that everyone will remember; eat very, very well!

Unique venues
Indoor and outdoor spaces for every season. Arena Theater, barbecue garden, beach and soccer fields, miniature golf, movies, multimedia rides, citrus grove and orchard greenhouse.
Unforgettable experiences
Over 20 classes to choose from including practical hands-on workshops, tours behind the scenes, guided tastings.
Good food
Choose a snack, dinner, or buffet for your guests directly from the best Italian foods. Over 45 cuisines at kiosks and restaurants.

And if you want to make your party even more special...

To make your party even more special and memorable, take a look at our additional services:

  • Souvenir: a nice gift to give to your guests
  • Educators: professionals trained to work with children, to guide them in tailor-made creative activities
  • Deejay: the right music to create the atmosphere you want for your party
  • FICO Gift Card: give your guests an experience to be enjoyed.
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