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Licorice and candies

Amarelli Fallani

Licorice and candies: the genuine flavor of things past
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Licorice and candies bring up the best childhood memories. Black, spiced, and therapeutic the former, children’s most desired treat the latter. Do you want to jump back in time? Come to FICO and fill up your pockets!

Amarelli brings the finest licorice from Rossano (Calabria) to FICO Eataly World. Discover the long-time tradition of house Amarelli, learn the thousand-year old history of licorice, and find out more about licorice-roots processing into delicious treats such as jellybeans, colorful hard candies, liquors, grappas, and herbal teas.

Now, why don’t you stop by Fallani’s farming factory? Fallani is an artisan candy factory from Florence. From the “duri di menta” sold in Florence’s main squares to barley candies, Fallani still abides to the traditional cooking methods of the early 20th century: direct fire cooking. At FICO Eataly World, Fallani brings a real small-sized production factory where to discover the secrets of candy-making, from sugar processing to mouth-watering lollipops, traditional Italian candies, duri di menta, and bassinati. Unleash your inner sweet tooth!

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