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Olio Roi

Seascape Taggiasca olives.
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Only a few miles from the seashores, where the wind blows through the peaks of steep mountains, the olive-grove sweeps like a silver lake.

In the western part of Liguria, there is a valley called “Argentina” (the Silver One), land of Italy’s best Taggiasca olives and home to the Boeri Roi family, longstanding olive growers.

Since the 1900s, Olio Roi has been producing high-quality extra-virgin olive oil thanks to the yearly selection of their best Taggiasca olives. Discover the exceptional taste of “cru” extra-virgin olive oil at FICO’s Ulivo Bistrot!

The area dedicated to Olio Roi at FICO Eataly World includes an open-air olive grove with a selection of the 30 most representative olive trees species in Italy, an indoor focaccia bakery and shop, and a real olive press which – from October to January – will be used to produce FICO’s exclusive olive oil.

Discover the unique flavors of Liguria!

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