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Tomatoes: the Italian passion!
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In the old Italian traditions, there is a typical summer holiday which lasts only a few days. The whole family gathers together to make tomato sauce with freshly picked tomatoes. They would boil them, smash them, and put the sauce in jars and bottles, providing for the whole year. Tomato is the real star and passion of Italy’s culinary tradition. With the same passion, Mutti has been processing tomatoes for over 100 years, finally landing at FICO Eataly World with a worldwide exclusive.

At FICO, you can step inside a tin of chopped tomatoes. Yes, you did not misread! Mutti literally leads you inside one of its giant tomato cans on a unique journey into the production of excellent Italian tomato preserves, from the field to the table. SIMPLY TOMATO unveils all the past, present, and future secrets of tomato processing by Mutti. Taste a tomato sauce you’ll never be able to forget and discover Mutti’s latests limited editions.

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