Truffle – the Umbrian gold.
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Silently and secretly, it grows. Its home is dark and cool, and it smells like wood and moss. It won’t come up to you unless you go look for it. Truffle remains one of Nature’s greatest mysteries.

Directly from the heart of Val Nerina, the history, traditions, and innovations on truffle-growing land at FICO Eataly World thanks to the unique expertise of Urbani Truffles.

Since 1852, Urbani has been dedicated to spread the knowledge of Italian truffles in the world. Now, at FICO Eataly World, you can experience yourself the excitement of truffle-hunting in a small reproduction of their natural habitat: Umbria.

Learn the secrets of truffle-growing and of luxury food, and take part into one of the most innovative, brilliant, and mind-blowing truffle-cultivation projects in the world…curious enough? Urbani numbers hundreds of branded products, such as fresh and preserved truffles, creams, seasonings, and even truffle-based chocolates and sweets!

Be ready to be overwhelmed by the Umbrian gold!

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