Culatello and Cured-Meat from Parma

Osteria del culatello

Culatello di Parma: time is slow in the Po Valley.
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Take a walk in the fog. Jump in a glass of water. Silence everywhere. The lights are low, reach out a hand to find your way into the white horizon.

On the shores of the river Po, in the low-lying plains around the city of Parma, Antica Ardenga produces Culatello di Zibello PDO, the king of Italian cured-pork meat. At FICO, you can have a taste of this incredible product along with two more Slow Food Presidium: the Mariola, and the Spalla Cruda.

Antica Ardenga will show you the pace of time in the Emilian Po Valley: the pigs grow up inside the farm itself, the winter production in the homes of local butchers, the high humidity level as the key ingredients for this unique handmade manufacturing.

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