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Our story starts with two families, two different narrations brought together by the same passion: dry-cured ham production. From the Italian regions of Calabria and Tuscany, the artisan tradition of black pork dry-cured ham lands at FICO Eataly World. Learn the secrets of black prosciutto by those who have put animal wellbeing before everything else.

Since 1984, the Madeo family has been breeding and butchering Nero di Calabria pigs, a native breed which has been successfully recovered through genetic selection and used for the production of origin-protected Salsiccia, Sopressata, Capocollo, Pancetta di Calabria, and other traditional fresh cuts. Among Madeo’s many specialties at FICO, you cannot miss the original Prosciutto di Suino Nero (black dry-cured ham), the traditional ‘nduja and the spianata (spicy Calabrian salumi).

For the Savigni family, meat production is a life philosophy. Owners of a local butcher farm in Pavana Pistoiese, a small town on the Apennines straddling Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna, they have dedicated their whole life to excellent dry-cured pork meat production in full respect of animal natural rhythms and wellbeing. At FICO Eataly World, you can discover the extraordinary taste and quality of Chianina and Piedmontese steers, Italian pigs and Duroc pigs, and world-famous Cinta Senese pigs.


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