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La Granda consortium and Zivieri’s butcher shop run the meat production factory of FICO Eataly World. The two producers take pride in their high-quality, healthy natural products and their exceptional care for animal wellbeing.

La Granda started in 1996 under the direction of Sergio Capaldo, longstanding veterinarian and senior Slow Food livestock technician. He strongly advocated the recovery of the Fassona Piedmontese Breed (first Slow Food Presidium), an indigenous breed threatened with extinction. Through a conscious intervention on the territory, research activities, and technologies, La Granda fosters a general revival of quality-meat consumption thanks to a network of 80 associated farmers. The animals are fed only with simple and natural aliments, thus creating a virtuous chain where land, animals, and humans benefit to the other.

The Zivieri family strongly contributed in creating the Italian hunted wild-game production chain. Their excellent products come from the meat of selected semi-wild herds of the Tosco-Emilian Appenines destined to culling due to excessive animal population. Deer, wild boars, goats, and roe deer add to Zivieri’s traditional offer including Piedmontese cows, Mora Romagnola pigs, and free-range chickens.

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