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Mortadella: the lady of Italian cured-meat
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Inebriating is the scent of freshly cut mortadella.

Since 2001, Consorzio Mortadella Bologna guarantees the exceptional quality and Italian-only production of Mortadella Bologna PGI, the lady of Italian cured-meats. Produced according to the traditional Bolognese recipe, its flavor is rich, genuine, and unmistakable.

At FICO Eataly World, you can find the authentic Mortadella Bologna PGI, witness all production stages, get to know its history and unique characteristics, and participate to the creation of the lady of cured-meats in Bologna. The typical “Bologna” denomination dates back to 1661, the year when cardinal Farnese published a notice which codified the production of this deli meat and anticipated the current Product Specification.

Discover a true timeless myth and the century-old story of the most famous cured-meat in Bologna!

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