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Daniele Montali always says: “Prosciutto is like Champagne - each house, each winery has its own characteristics”. At FICO Eataly World, you can meet the true “star” of Prosciutto di Parma PDO presented by the Montali family at Ruliano's dry-cured ham factory.

100% Italian, 100% natural, 100% family-run. Since 1949, the best dry-cured ham by Ruliano is strongly intertwined with its territory in the heart of the Po Valley, where the sea breeze leaps over the Apennines and creates a unique microclimate that is ideal for maturing dry-cured ham.

It’s thanks to the experience of three generations that the one and only Perex Suctum Ruliano dry-cured ham comes to life: no artificial preservatives or additives, only Italian pork meat and very little sea salt - the most ancient way to preserve food in a natural way.

Come and savor the unique taste of a slice of prosciutto from the generous lands of the Parma region at FICO Eataly Wolrd. It tastes of care, of passion… of Italy. You can already feel your mouth water, isn’t it?

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