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The unmistakable taste of the mother land.
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The lands of origin of traditional food products inevitably stand out in their unique flavors.

The distinctiveness of Grana Padano PDO relies on its top-quality Italian ingredients (such as raw milk from Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, and some areas of Emilia-Romagna) and the way they are wisely and skillfully mixed, aged, approved and, finally, branded.

In its factory at FICO Eataly World, the Grana Padano Protection Consortium reproduces a real Grana Padano PDO factory where the production is carried out according to the traditional thousand-year-old recipe as developed by the Benedictine monks.

For the first time ever, you can taste, observe and discover all the secrets of the most famous PDO cheese in the world!

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