Children, Summer FICO
FICO City for kids
Your first civics certificate!

A day of fun for kids! For this event FICO will transform into a child-friendly small town.

In fact, you will find activities and games for children and the whole family in collaboration with the law enforcement and volunteers: Firefighter Town, obstacle courses, electric go-karts and much teach children about civics and road education while having fun.

  • Your first time on a Go-Kart! ACI – Automobile Club Bologna proposes traffic safety activities with a track for electric Go-Karts for children. To learn the traffic laws from an early age!
  • Learn by pedaling - Municipal Police of Bologna will offer a bicycle activity with obstacles simulating a bike ride through the city.
  • When I grow up I want to be a Fireman! -  National association of firefighters, department of Bologna will create an ad hoc demonstration area for children where they can learn the activities of the Firefighters in case of emergencies and fires.
  • The dog, our best friend - Canine Unit of the Carabinieri of Bologna will present a seminar on dog education for children with trained dogs. An opportunity to introduce children to the world of the dogs, teach them the correct method to relate to them and their way of communicating with us.
  • Are you ready? - Volunteer first responders of Bologna offer educational activities and games with first aid demos.


Saturday, November 17th

from 10 am to 6 pm

Uliveto area

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