Lantern Festival

The greatest event of Chinese tradition illuminates Italy for the first time
Until March, 8 Bologna will become the capital of Chinese lanterns, famous artistic creations handmade by Chinese artisans, creating a city of lights that will illuminate FICO throughout the summer with a brand new event that's suitable for the whole family.


Zigong lanterns are famous throughout the world. The beauty of the works and the skill of the local artisans have earned the city the title of “Lantern Town in the South Kingdom".
Every year millions of Chinese people go to Zigong to admire the majestic paper compositions that illuminate the city, monumental works that can reach up to 20 meters in height.

From today you can marvel at this wonder at FICO!

True works of art created and hand painted by local artisans and artists, inspired by legends and myths of China's ancient culture. Over the centuries new elements have been introduced: new subjects, new construction materials like silk and ceramics, and – more recently – the introduction of recycled materials to make the event more sustainable.

Don't miss the biggest Chinese cultural event ever hosted in Italy!

Festival delle lanterne
Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival


Festival delle lanterne

FICO and Bologna were the first to host the Lantern Festival in Italy, and they'll also be hosting the Dinosaur Park. Why dinosaurs?
At the end of the 80s, an exceptional find was made at the Dashanpu site, located 7 km from Zigong: thousands of dinosaur bones, fossils, and remains.

From "City of Lanterns," Zigong has also become a Mecca for paleontologists and biologists from around the world.
That's why the city's artists have decided to pay homage to the dinosaurs of Zigong, dedicating imposing lanterns to them for a event that, every year, fills the minds of thousands of children with surprise and wonder. This summer it will surprise you too!


Opening hours
Friday - Saturday - Sunday: 5.30pm - 11.20pm

Adults: € 13
Children 4-10 years: € 5
Free admission for children under 3

Lantern Festival is closed during poor weather or unfavourable conditions.

The Lantern Festival will be open until March 8, 2020

Festival delle lanterne
Lantern Festival

Second admission
Did you visit the exhibition during the day but want to see it again at night?
Evening admission costs:

  • € 8 for adults
  • Free admission for children under 10

Available on the Vivaticket circuit and in the park at the ticket office near the Festival entrance.

All those who purchase a ticket for the Lantern Festival are entitled to a complimentary daily privilege card worth 10% off FICO Eataly World purchases made on the same day.


The Lantern Festival is rooted in over 1,000 years of tradition, first emerging in Zigong during the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD).

Over the centuries the art of building large paper lanterns spread throughout this ancient city steeped in history, the cultural capital of the Sichuan prefecture. It's a custom that's now imitated and replicated throughout China, from Beijing to Hong Kong, from Chengdu to Shanghai.

Festival delle lanterne
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