10 types of common Italian stuffed egg pasta


Every region has its own take on pasta. In Italy, this is almost certainly the case. It could even be said that every home interprets the shape, filling, and sauce of fresh egg pasta differently. You can discover a variety of them on Sunday, May 12th at WORLD RECORD SFOGLIA and witness the rolling of a 330-foot sheet of egg pasta. We'll take you around Italy, from north to south, to discover 10 types of Italian stuffed pasta.



1. Schlutzkrapfen | Alto Adige

Translated into Italian as Mezzelune (Half moons), Schlutzkrapfen is a type of ravioli that's traditionally found in Val Pusteria. Also known as Casunzei in the Ladin valleys, the South Tyrolean half-moons derive from the German term schluzen, meaning to slip, as a reminder of the effect they have once in the mouth.

Dough: rye flour, wheat flour, water, eggs

Traditional filling: made with ricotta and spinach



2. Agnolotti | Piemonte

Popular throughout the region, agnolotti emerged as a traditional recipe of the Monferrato area. Popular tradition reveals that they take their name from a Monferrato cook named Angiolino. They can be square or rectangular in shape and sometimes go by the name of plin, meaning pinch, since the stuffed pasta is closed by pinching the edges.


Dough: flour, eggs, water

Traditional filling: made with roast meat



3. Sagne chjne | Calabria

A traditional Calabrian dish, the Sagne Chjne, or stuffed lasagna, is a must on the carnival and Easter lunch menu. It's an incredibly rich dish that features vegetables and meatballs.


Dough: semolina, eggs, water

Traditional filling: made with mushrooms, soppressata, mozzarella, pecorino cheese, and meat balls



4. Panzerotto | Veneto

Less known than the eponymous fried Pugliese calzone, the Venetian panzerotto is a fresh egg pasta that's shaped like a crescent and filled with meat.


Dough: ground semolina, eggs

Traditional filling: made with lean meat



5. Raviolo | Liguria

Perhaps created by a certain "Ravioli," a chef from Gavi Ligure, the Ligurian raviolo is a dish celebrated by numerous poets and authors, including Boccaccio. An expression of Ligurian flavors and gastronomy, ravioli's popularity spread far and wide beyond Genova.


Dough: flour, eggs

Traditional filling: made with chards and mixed meat



6. Pumpkin tortelli | Mantova

Dating back to the 1500s, the Mantuan tortello is shaped like a square or rectangle with jagged edges. It first emerged at the Court of the Gonzagas, who were passionate about cooking and hospitality.


Dough: flour, eggs

Traditional filling: made with pumpkin, mustard, amaretti



7. Tortellini | Emilia

The king of egg pasta, the original tortellino recipe was deposited with a notarial deed on December 7, 1974 by the Confraternita del Tortellino (Tortellino Brotherhood) and the Bologna Delegation of the Italian Academy of Cuisine.


Dough: flour, eggs

Traditional filling: made with pork loin, prosciutto, Bologna mortadella, Parmesan cheese



8. Cappelletti | Romagna

The larger, thicker cousins of the tortellini, the cappelletti's name refers to their hat-like shape.


Dough: flour, eggs

Traditional filling: varies according to the city. It can only be cheese or meat.



9. Potato tortelli | Toscana

Square or round in shape and larger in size than tortellini, the Tuscan potato tortelli emerged as a frugal dish with the harvesting of the first potatoes sown in the mid 1800s.


Dough: flour, semolina, eggs

Traditional filling: made with potatoes



10. Culurgiones | Sardegna

A traditional Sardinian stuffed pasta, culurgiones are a specialty of the historic region of Ogliastra and were adopted in other areas of the island, like Gallura.


Dough: milled semolina, flour, water

Traditional filling: made with red potatoes, mint, pecorino cheese with variants of citrus fruit

The journey doesn't end here. Join us at FICO for the WORLD RECORD SFOGLIA on May 12th starting at 11 am.


Enjoy the pasta!