100,000 students at FICO Eataly World!


From its inauguration to the present day, thousands of primary and secondary school students have visited FICO to learn all about the production chain and trade secrets related to food while having fun. The number of classes visiting from abroad are also on the rise.

Since the opening of the largest food park in the world, inaugurated in Bologna on November 15, 2017, 100,000 students have visited FICO Eataly World. One hundred thousand boys and girls from primary and secondary schools throughout Italy have observed, touched, tasted, discovered, experienced, and explored FICO'S 20 acres indoors and five acres outdoors hosting animals and educational crops, factories (operating daily), eating establishments, multimedia pavilions, workshops, and classes. 


Ninety-seven percent of the 100,000 students who visited the Park and experienced this unique educational setting since its opening arrive from Italy; Emilia Romagna is in the lead, followed by Lombardia, Veneto, and Toscana. Of the 3% of foreign students, the majority come from the United States (31%), followed by France (23%), and the United Kingdom (17%). 


The number of Italian students who visited FICO is as follows: 35% come from high schools and vocational training courses, another 35% from middle schools, and 27% from elementary schools. The presence of different age groups and educational programs is therefore well distributed and balanced. 


The topic was the focus of today's meeting Il più FICO (the most FICO) in FICO's Central Arena, where hundreds of students and teachers took part and received a symbolic certificate for their participation:


  • Alessandra Pesce, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Agricultural, Food, Forestry and Tourism Policies
  • Marilena Pillati, Deputy Mayor of Bologna
  • Oscar Farinetti, Founder of Eataly
  • Stefano Versari, General Director of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Educational Office
  • Roberta Fantinato, head of the Istituto Belluzzi Fioravanti
  • Andrea Segrè, President of the FICO Foundation for Food Education and Sustainability
  • Alessandro Bonfiglioli, General Director of CAAB and General Gecretary of the FICO Foundation for Food Education and Sustainability
  • Tiziana Primori, CEO of FICO Eataly World

FICO is the only place where you can learn while having fun. It's also the only place where, in just a single day, you can find out about food production chains, Italian regional specialties, different trades in the sector (including both traditional and innovative professions), and the richness of Italian biodiversity. Accompanied by educators and Biodiversity Ambassadors, students learn in a new and original way that becomes a useful tool for communication and dialog, even for teachers. The Park offers a unique way to spread values such as respect for the environment, the importance of sustainability and proper nutrition, developing the ability to distinguish and appreciate quality food and a product made with commitment and passion. Young people will be the ambassadors of the future for the Italian food industry. This is a key mission that FICO has always been committed to from the start. Even during its early days, when the park was still under construction, the first contest was held for youth of the elementary, middle, and high schools of Emilia Romagna and Campania. More than 80% of schools chose experiences that include classes and topical tours from FICO's education program. The most popular classes are the "great classics" of the sweet and cereal world. All the new proposals included in the 2018/2019 catalog regarding the agricultural and technological worlds and local products, such as cured meats and cheeses, were well received and saw increased bookings.


FICO's education program

FICO's education program is divided into field trips and outings. In the first case, there are three packages and they last for at least half a day: get to know Fico, visit Fico, and explore Fico.


GET TO KNOW FICO - Learn about FICO'S contents and curiosities with Biodiversity Ambassadors and then continue exploring the Park guided by your own curiosity. 

VISIT FICO - Enrich visits to the Park with in-depth study, accompanied by expert Educators and Animators who guide the learning of children and young people in a thematic educational visit, animated by playful and instructive activities. 

DISCOVER FICO - Enhance and integrate the trip to the Park with a course by FICO's master artisans, which involves children and young people on a journey to discover the art of transforming raw materials into finished products. To "build" a targeted educational experience, there are many tours and classes to choose from for the different packages. The outings, on the other hand, are designed for classes that wish to visit the Park and then return to school in the morning. An ad hoc proposal that reconciles time and learning: "A morning at FICO - the itineraries" and "A morning at FICO - the classes."

For preschool children, FICO offers creative, direct learning and awareness experiences where the children have the chance to test themselves, have sensory experiences through activities designed specifically for their age, learn in an innovative way, and come into contact for the first time with the agri-food supply chain and the products of our land. The programs for the little ones are divided into field trips and morning outings, with the option to participate in educational workshops called: Little Secrets of the Barnyard Animals; The FICO Milky Way; The Flour Family and its Supply Chain; The Seasons of the Vegetable Garden; The Shapes and Colors of the Countryside. 




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