Contrary to stereotypes, men and women from all over Italy take to the rolling pin to make the longest pasta sheet in the world
08 March 2019

Gender equality can also be achieved with pasta sheets In a trade that's traditionally considered "feminine" and the prerogative of housewives, the men, often young, have now made their mark, putting the rolling pin to use and "stealing" the secrets of mothers and grandmothers all over Italy. At FICO Eataly World they will prove that against all stereotypes, on Women's Day the challenge to make the longest pasta sheet in the world will be launched. On May 12 in the food park of Bologna, the "Sfoglia da guinness" event will be held to make fresh pasta sheets rolled by the biggest rolling pin ever. 100 meters of delicious egg pasta sheet, made by men and women arriving from all over Italy. In fact, chefs and cooks from the Cesarine, the Mariette and the Marietti of Casa Artusi and the SfogliAmo pasta chefs, will work together with FICO to organize the record-breaking day.

The idea belongs to Tiziana Primori, CEO of FICO Eataly World, who explains: "The glass ceiling, the difficulty of women to reach the top of companies and institutions, shatters. It even destroys the stereotypes about what women's work should be." We want to go beyond prejudice, bringing people both young and old to FICO, who have found a profession in the pasta trade, which is also a passion, encompassing our traditions and culture of food and wine".

While pasta is seen as the queen of Italian cuisine worldwide, fresh pasta is a home-cooked tradition that crosses the peninsula from north to south, with thousands of different recipes and versions. An art that is anything but relegated to the past, as demonstrated by the startup from Bologna SfogliAmo: a cooperative of young men and women who offer one of the classics of Italian cuisine with a modern gourmet style. At FICO, yard by yard, the Italian dough will be employed in a wide variety of recipes and traditions, showing the incredible variety of pasta shapes and formats that exist to serve with fillings, condiments, and sauces from every corner of Italy.

Alongside the youngsters from SfogliAmo, dozens of "rolling pin artists" will be at work. In fact, at the "Pasta da Guinness" event, the Cesarine will participate. This is the oldest network of home cooks in Italy, which counts more than 600 owners and enthusiastic and welcoming hosts among its members, who open their kitchen doors to curious travelers to include them in experiences of unforgettable culinary delights ( At FICO Eataly World, the Cesarine will arrive from 11 Italian regions: a "biodiversity" of local cuisines that represents the liveliness of the network and its widespread presence in Italy.

During the performance. we can not miss the Mariette and Marietti of Casa Artusi, who, among other activities, teach courses at the cultural centre school dedicated to the father of Italian cuisine, taking their name from the faithful and irreplaceable ruler of Artusi, Marietta Sabatini. The Association - which has, including men and women, more than one hundred and fifty members - pursues the statutory, non-profit aim of enhancing home cooking and popular gastronomic traditions, with special attention paid to the traditional cuisine of Emilia-Romagna.