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21 courses, 1 experiential tour, 3 dedicated tours and school activities for pupils who wish to get to Know, Visit, and Discover FICO and its 6 multimedia Carousels!

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21 cooking classes… and so much more!

21 courses organized directly by FICO’s food masters from the 40 Farming Factories and over 40 Restaurants… it’s your best chance to learn the secrets of Italian food and wine from the very best teachers! Discover how raw ingredients are processed and transformed while listening to the stories of those who have dedicated their whole life to the art of Italian food production.

You can choose among many different experiences and classes: cooking classes – learn how to make traditional homemade pasta, mother-leavened bread, artisan beer, olive oil, wine; in-depth courses on food production chains, from meat to desserts; craft-courses, such as beekeeping, DIY gardening, and professional food photography.

Enjoy a guided tour through 100,000 sqm!

The journey inside FICO Eataly World does not end here! You can enjoy an immersive guided tour and discover every corner of the park together with FICO’s Biodiversity Ambassadors. Find out a new way of learning in a fun and interactive way visiting FICO’s 6 multimedia Carousels!

School Activities.

FICO is a training ground for a sensorial and educational experience about food and its biodiversity. We have developed 3 different kinds of school activities dedicated to children from Italian Primary, Secondary, and High schools in order to re-create a bridge between the new generations and our agricultural world. Get a first taste to start experiencing the wonders of Italian biodiversity (FICO Experience); awaken your five senses (FICO Visit), and choose among 22 hand-on experiences and classes by FICO’s food masters (FICO Discovery)!


Some figures

21 courses
14 hours of guided tours
6 multimedia carousels
3 types of school activities
7 opening days
20 hours of courses and classes each day
150 hours of courses and classes each week
10 hours of children creativity workshops each day

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