Pairing food and wine?

A balance of aromas and flavors

How to pair wine with food? There are certainly basic rules to follow, but we must immediately make it clear that pairing food and wine is a bit like cooking.

The perfect match is not a written golden rule, it's more like music consisting of notes and atmospheres that harmonize to create a work of art. The chords must combine the aromas and flavors of the wine and the dish.


Myths about food and wine pairing that must be dispelled:

Everything and its opposite has been written and said about pairing food and wine.

Here are some common misconceptions on the topic that we want to try to debunk:


  1. Fish is always served with white wine. This is not always true, in some cases delicate reds are also suitable (like Grignolino or Bardolino).
  2. Cake is served with brut sparkling wine. This is not at all true, sweets are best with sweet wines like sweet sparkling wines, muscatels, raisin wines or sweet white wine.
  3. "Bubbly" for all? Yes, none excluded. In fact, carbon dioxide balances our palate, best managing the salty, fatty, and oily part of a dish. So yes to Lambrusco or Franciacorta with fat dishes.
  4. Cheeses? Then red wine! Not necessarily, it depends on the type of cheese. Some more creamy and slightly seasoned go perfectly with white wines with a good body.


Our food-wine pairings to come and taste

If you are curious and want to try for yourself, then you just have to come to FICO for the appointments in September dedicated to food and wine pairings.


A combination that is far from will discover the pairings with the best oysters from the best producers and our Italian bubblies.


Tasting guided by an expert sommelier of innovative and traditional dishes paired with special bottles of Lambrusco.


The best sparking wines and the best pairings with modern salami from Veneto and Emilia.


Several varieties of Lambrusco of the best producers paired with a rich selection of salamis, for a truly sublime combination!


At our restaurants you can taste Great Whites like Ribolla and Verdicchio with curious combinations on the weekend of September 15-16; instead on September 22-23 Great Reds like Barolo and Brunello.