AgriBottega: FICO’s Children Creativity Lab!

Hands-on and creativity-enhancing activities for your children.

FICO’s AgriBottega creativity workshops give voice to every child’s inner artist through hands-on creativity-enhancing activities based on nature and traditions.

Unleash your fantasy.

Art, science, nature, body and motion… FICO’s AgriBottega is s fantasy box, a place to learn and approach the theme of food making and correct eating starting from fun activities, games, and manual experiences designed to provide a uniquely enriching creative and educational experience. Today’s children and families often have limited opportunities to connect with the natural environment. Connecting children with nature stimulates the diversity of children’s play experience and contribute to their healthy development. At FICO’s creativity lab, children are encouraged to use their 5 senses and explore the world of healthy food production and consumption.

Choose the best workshops for your children!

You can choose among many fun creativity workshops at FICO Eataly World: hands-on activities, learning experiences, do-it-yourself and bricolage, and activities studied to improve children’s listening and concentration skills. These interdisciplinary workshops combine psychology, creativity, art, and culture and are categorized into 4 complementary macro-areas: creation, learning, exploring, and feeling.

Hands-on Activities: shape the world with your hands.

Learn the art of recycling and reuse, and make objects from waste material: cloths, wood, collage, découpage. This workshop is designed to let your children explore the realms of fantasy and creativity and shape the world they like with their own two hands.

Learning Activities: explore the vegetable garden.

In this workshop, children will start reconnecting with nature through direct, hands-on activities inside the AgriBottega greenhouse area and vegetable garden.

Natural Kingdom Creativity Lab: discover the secrets of Nature.

Touch, smell, watch, learn. In this workshop, children can explore healthy nutrition and food processing trough sensory experiences to awaken the 5 senses.

Children Storytelling Workshop.

Listen, interact, get emotional. In this workshop, children will be engaged in active listening and storytelling through music, tales, silence, thought, and action. Let your imagination roam free!

FICO’s magic journey.

In this unique workshop, children will be guided throughout the Park by experienced educators and storytellers. Myths and legends of the plant and animal world will hold no more secrets. Discover Nature and good food traditions trough travelling exhibits and activities where children are the true protagonists.


Explore, learn, and have fun at FICO Eataly World!

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