All the gelato flavors for the summer


Summer has now officially begun and with it the old passions are back: time for some gelato and slush!

Artisanal gelato is one of the great treats of our cuisine Made in Italy since it was invented in our country and then spread throughout the world. Real, authentic artisanal gelato is immediately recognizable as it is made with all the highest quality ingredients!


Unusual combinations and new gelato flavors for summer 2019

Each summer brings with it new gelatos and unusual recipes, and according to the latest surveys (source: SIGEP) foreigners have tastes that are completely different from Italians. Here are some examples:


  • The Chinese and Japanese love hazelnut and pistachio
  • The Spanish choose classic flavors
  • The French can't resist fruit gelato

Indeed, in recent years Italian gelato shops have taken more risks, daring to produce combinations that are strange and unusual for our palates. This summer try pineapple and rosemary, banana, black garlic, beetroot, strawberry and asparagus, as well as meat-flavored gelato! The selection of vegan and gluten-free flavors is also expanding, and a great deal of attention is always paid to quality.

No emulsifiers, semi-finished ingredients, hydrogenated and refined vegetable fats. In short, a gelato that is increasingly healthy and simple, but that never loses its appeal.

Gelato and Slush Festival: the coolest event at FICO

If you can't resist a delicious gelato or a juicy slush then you can't miss the coolest event of the summer:

the Gelato and Slush Festival will be held at FICO on June 22nd and 23rd →

You will be able to taste all the flavors from the various Italian regions, and above all a special tasting at the Palazzolo factory: the king of Sicilian slushes.


Santi Palazzolo's authentic Sicilian slush

In medieval Sicilia there was a very odd profession: "nivarolo." These were men who in winter collected snow on Mount Etna and the Sicilian mountains and stored it in holes lined with bricks and stones called niviere (a sort of precursor to modern freezers), which could then be used in the summer to prepare gelato or slush. The snow was shaved into a glass and covered with syrups made from fruit and flowers.

Today Sicilian slushes are typically accompanied by soft, warm brioches that create a truly delicious thermal contrast.

Santi Palazzolo, the great Sicilian pastry chef from Cinisi (awarded the honor of 2018 Best Pastry Chef) proposes authentic Sicilian slushes with black mulberries, almonds, ciaculli mandarin oranges.... A cool, delicious dessert. 


We look forward to seeing you at FICO for the big Gelato and Slush Festival!