How to organize a winter picnic

Tips and suggestions for the perfect picnic (even in winter)
Summer is still too far off to think about and the cold doesn't let you fully experience the days outdoors. But who says you can't organize a picnic anyway? Are you ready for the first winter packed lunch with your friends and family? Come to FICO on Sunday, February 17th at 11 am for the FICNIC: the first winter picnic in Bologna! → link The basic necessities Here are our tips and suggestions for a truly extraordinary picnic: 1. Find an unusual spot: here at FICO we offer a covered stretch of lawn that runs along our bike path, forming a picnic about half a kilometer long! Is that enough for you? 2. Style is key: style is always important, so at FICNIC you will find a combination of colors and comforts that will brighten and "warm" the environment: classic gingham tablecloth, hay bales, and cushions to make your picnic more comfortable and pleasant. 3. Choose the music that creates an atmosphere: we know music well, it's not just background noise but rather has the power to create magical atmospheres and to put us at ease. Here at FICO our DJs will play the best music to accompany you on this wonderful day. 4. Fill your basket: choose from the many Italian picnic menus to savor the excellent foods that will make your lunch delicious. How to organize a romantic winter picnic? Valentine's Day is almost upon us and there's nothing nicer than giving your partner some time to spend together in complete relaxation. So why not go on a winter picnic? A romantic day to spend together as a couple. Here is our recipe for a picnic of love:  Romantic atmosphere  Total relaxation  Plenty of food and drink  A great desire to spend some time together. Here at the FICNIC you will find a space that's all yours, an unforgettable experience: your first romantic winter picnic. It'll be great! A perfect picnic for the whole family (even in winter) Today's busy schedules never leave us time to be with our family or with the people we love. So what could be better than a winter picnic to spend some time together? A packed lunch is an exciting experience for children, they will have lots of fun helping you fill the basket with food and eating on the grass or on hay bales in full country style! Here's our recipe for a perfect picnic with the whole family:  Good company  Authentic Italian food  A welcoming and colorful location  Lots of cheer What are you waiting for? Go on your first winter picnic at FICO on Sunday, February 17th starting at 11 am! METATAG TITLE DESCRIPTION