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Food lovers of the world, stop here! Have you ever dreamed of mastering the secrets of the Italian food traditions? FICO Eataly World is just what you are looking for! Choose among 21 different classes and workshops and learn how Italian iconic food products come to life in a fun and interactive way! Discover the secrets of your favorite Italian dish from FICO’s master producers!

Italian cooking classes: put your fingers in the dough!

Learn how to make the perfect Italian sfoglia, knead the dough and roll it out to make your favorite pasta shapes. The Italian sfogline (SfogliAmo) are eager to teach you all the secrets of Italian handmade pasta making! What about egg-pasta? The expert ladies of La Campofilone are just what you are looking for! But if you’d rather eat pizza, nothing’s better than learning how to make authentic Neapolitan pizza from Rossopomodoro’s pizzaioli. And that’s not all! Discover what it takes to make PGI Pasta di Gragnano from Di Martino’s pasta makers, and meet Gino the “mother leaven” at FICO’s bakery Forno Calzolari.

How do you make cheese? Get your nose ready!

Cheese. A mix of unique flavors and aromas. You can now discover how to make the real Parmigiano Reggiano at FICO Eataly world! Disclose the secrets of its unique taste through an exclusive sensory experience!

Have you ever visited a real cheese factory? The course offered by Caseificio Valsamoggia is designed to show you all the phases of traditional cheese making… with a final complimentary tasting!

For your sweetest tooth.

A passion for sweets and desserts? Find the best course for you!

Learn the secrets of fruit sorbetto and gelato making with Carpigiani, discover the unique world of Sulmona’s sugar-coated almonds by Williamo di Carlo, and find out more about candies and licorice by Fallani and Amarelli! But that’s not all! Enter the secret world of bees and honey production with Conapi’s expert beekeepers and learn how to make your favorite jam in less than 15 minutes with Roboqubo’s technology!

For your daily glass of...

If you love everything Italian, then you cannot miss the courses dedicated to wine, artisan beer, and olive oil!

Visit Fontanafredda’s wine cellar to discover the secrets of Italian wine making! Have you ever wondered how to make extra-virgin olive oil? How does an olive press work? Find out this and more with the master olive-oil makers of Olio Roi! And if you’d rather have a pint of beer, visit Baladin’s beer factory for an exclusive beer-making class with complimentary taste!

Be original!

If you’re the original type, then you should definitely try some unconventional activities! Delve in the Italian meat production chain with La Granda and discover Italy’s best quality meat, take care of your own bag of rice with Grandi Riso (and take it home with you!), and visit FICO’s truffle ground for an exclusive truffle hunt with Urbani Truffles!

DIY Gardening and Food Photography.

Have you ever dreamed of growing your personal garden? Flora Toscana will teach you the secrets of DIY gardening to keep your green fingers always trained! And if you’ve got a passion for photography, take our Food Photography class for your best shots!

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