FICO’s Educational Rides

6 stories of Man and Nature

Have you ever wondered what felt the first man who understood how to tame fire? Or the one that – possibly moved by an overdeveloped sense of empathy – decided to take care of an abandoned wolf pup until it became his best friend? Who decided to stop wandering around and started building the first settlements and crop fields?

FICO Eataly World recounts our journey on this Earth through 6 different stories, each about the thousand-year-old relationship between Man and different elements of Nature: Man and Fire, Man and Earth, Man and Bottled Goods – wine, olive oil, and beer -, Man and Sea, Man and the Animals, Man and his Future. A true journey of re-discovery which takes place inside FICO’s 6 interactive educational “rides”.

  1. Man and Fire. A truly wonderful story that began one and a half million years ago. Little by little, man understood how to tame fire and to light it himself, inside his own cave. Fire always played a virtuous role in the kitchen, deeply transforming human nutrition. Food became easier to digest, healthier, and life-expectancy increased importantly.


  1. Man and Earth. 14,000 years of agriculture are no easy task to tell. Thankfully, we are lucky enough to live in one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, where a huge number of plants and animal species find their home. A place with a strong identity to respect, interpret and protect.


  1. Man and Bottled Goods. Wine, beer, and olive oil: which one of these centuries-old products was born first? There is evidence showing us that people used to eat fermented grapes already in the Stone Age. 6,500 years ago, beer production was already up and running and entrusted to the attentive care of… women! And what about olive oil? Some traces were found in the city of Haifa (Israel) 9,000 years ago!


  1. Man and Sea. The marks of the sea are still on us”, writes Jack London. Life as we know it was born in the Sea and started to crawl outside “only” 500 million years ago, first as serpents, then primates, then men. Today, we dominate the world, and we feed out of the fish of the seas where we come from, in an eternal circle based on natural balance.


  1. Man and the Animals.  At the beginning, animals hunted men. Then, Man started to understand than animals could help them overcome their daily struggles. Wolves, for example, kept other predators away. Then came goats and sheep, for their milk, meat and wool. And chickens and bovines… the art of breeding animals for food and clothes was finally born.


  1. Man and Future. The key to our future is a single word: respect. If we don’t start respecting the earth, the air, the water, and the animals more than we do, we shall have no future because we shall have a planet no more. The more we walk into the future, the more we cannot think of agriculture without a systematic collaboration among all the actors of the production chain: farmers, producers, retailers, consumers.


The road to our future is ahead of us. Glancing behind helps us see the next steps more clearly.


Descritpions of FICO’s educational rides based on Oscar Farinetti’s book “Ricordiamoci il futuro” (Feltrinelli, 2017)