World Biodiversity Day


Biodiversity is the foundation of our own destiny, for the survival and wellbeing of our species. When we say "biodiversity" we think of an abstract concept like a lush forest full of many species of animals and plants, but in reality the essence of life is everywhere, even around us in our country. Just think of the various crops of fruit and vegetables with specific characteristics that we enjoy every day in Italy without even realizing it.

Lots of biodiversity in one place!

Here at FICO you have five acres of biodiversity at your disposal dedicated to fields and stables, used for demonstration crops and educational farms, where the main cultivars of Italian agriculture and the main animal breeds are located. Over 2,000 species of trees and crops that make our country unique and wonderful.

Come together to celebrate biodiversity and the wonder it adds to our lives every day!  


Start immediately with the two guided tours of the Biodiversity Orchard 


☞ May 22nd, 25th, and 26th →


A place of wonders where you can discover the 16 twin plants of the great fruit and forest "patriarchs" from various regions of Italy. Plants with great rusticity and resistance to climatic and parasitic adversities.


A unique opportunity to discover all the wonders of Italian biodiversity!



A day dedicated to biodiversity

On May 22nd we celebrate World Biodiversity Day, established by the United Nations in 1993. The date was chosen to commemorate the adoption of the Convention on Biological Diversity, which took place on May 22, 1992. An opportunity for all of us to understand, protect, and conserve the numerous ecosystems on the planet.


What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity in a biological and ecological sense is understood as the multiplicity of living organisms and their respective ecosystems. Variety is a result of different genes, species, and ecological niches.


In fact, there are three levels of biodiversity:


Genetic: all the genetic heritage of the living beings that inhabit the planet.

Species: the abundance and diversity of species present on earth.

Ecosystems: the collection of all natural environments on our planet.

Take part in the biodiversity week events

In any case, World Biodiversity Day remains a day of celebration because, despite the concerns about extinct species, we stop to admire and marvel at all that nature offers us in all its forms because nature is always a source of joy, amazement, and emotion.


Here at FICO you can come and participate in various events related to biodiversity and decide which ones interest you the most. Here are some of our recommendations:


☞ May 18th "No bees? No world"


On Saturday, May 18th, for World Bee Day, Mielizia will host three exceptional personalities who will lead young and old alike in search of the lost queen, telling us all there is to know about bees.


☞ May 18th to May 26th "The Biodiversity Network in Emilia-Romagna"


From May 18th to May 26th, the area in front of the FICO Foundation headquarters will host the "The Biodiversity Network in Emilia-Romagna" exhibition organized by ARPAE Emilia-Romagna.


☞ May 25th "The ancient fruits of the future - Ancient cherries"


Come and rediscover ancient cherries, the first fruits of May. All the ancient flavor of forgotten fruits.


☞ May 26th "Strawberry Festival in San Mauro Torinese"


The municipality of San Mauro Torinese will host the Municipalities in Celebration event at FICO with an exhibition of two types of strawberries and the tasting of derivative products made in partnership with local businesses. You'll also have the chance to taste pink strawberry agnolotto filled with chocolate and mint or goat cheese.


Rich in regional and natural traditions, our country should be at the forefront in defending its natural wealth and biodiversity.

At FICO, biodiversity is celebrated every day!