Those who eat slow live healthy, long lives

Protect biodiversity and commit to the climate with Slow Food tips

Every time you shop and choose which food to serve on your table you have a great opportunity to change the world for the better, because each ingredient actually represents a production model with an impact on your well-being and the health of the planet. All you have to do is reorient your eating habits – even just a little – towards more sustainable choices in order to help protect biodiversity and to commit to dealing with the climate crisis.

For this reason, from November 15th to 18th FICO will become a great ally of the Slow Food Presidia, products that exemplify the great wealth of food traditions in Italy and of the chefs who use and protect them. FICO will host and celebrate the festival, four days of discussing experiences, programs, and visions.

A menu friendly to the climate and biodiversity

Those who join us during the Festival of the Alliance and the Slow Food Presidia will find a brief guide suggested by Slow Food for a menu that is friendly to the climate and biodiversity printed on a napkin in the FICO restaurants that will be serving a Presidium for the occasion.

Your choices of meat, milk and cheese

✔️ Eat less meat, but of better quality. Don't buy meat from industrial farms with a high environmental impact.
✔️ Choose natural cured meats, free of preservatives and additives.
✔️ Buy meat from local breeds that spend most of the year in the pasture.
✔️ Cook the whole animal, not just the best cuts.
✔️ Alternative species: by serving more sheep or goat meat you can help the shepherds who take care of the local land.
✔️ Choose only natural cheeses made from raw milk and without selected ferments.

Your choices of fish

✔️ Eat fish from the seas or rivers closest to you, and buy directly from the fishermen.
✔️ Limit the amount of farmed fish. It is fed with a great deal of wild fish and treated with antibiotics in overcrowded tanks.

Your choices for sugar, coffee, cocoa and wine

✔️ Sugar, coffee, cocoa: buy fair trade and organic products.
✔️ It is better to drink "natural" wines, i.e. wines with low sulfite content and natural fermentation, like organic and biodynamic wines.

Your choices for fruits and vegetables

✔️ Use only fresh, seasonal ingredients, produced locally when possible.
✔️ Buy fruit and vegetables grown sustainably or organically. Avoid tropical fruit: it's traveled too far to get to you.
✔️ Get to know your producers. This is the only way you can understand how they produce, and support those who work with passion and respect for the land and animals.

Your behavior

✔️ Zero waste: take leftover food and wine home from the restaurant
✔️ Save biodiversity: support producers of Slow Food Presidia and Ark of Taste.

Now unleash your inner Snail and come celebrate the Alliance of Chefs and Slow Food Presidia together with us from November 15th to 18th at FICO.