5 recipes with beer to try

Discover a new fanciful ingredient to be used in the kitchen!

If can be easily found in the fridge, especially during summer! We have learned to appreciate craft beer in all its nuances, and now beer has entered into the kitchen, not only to be drunk fresh, but to enrich and flavor our dishes.

Beer in the kitchen becomes that extra touch that can make a recipe truly special!

Here at FICO we have dedicated the month of October to beer, the craft, living beer that keeps all the strong flavor of the land from which it was born even when poured into a glass. As for wine, the pairing of beer with food requires wise combinations; for each dish there is a beer to match that enhances its flavors and aromas.

FICO hosts Beer & mortadella on October 27th and 28th, to find out the best pairings with beer, at our refreshment points→ https://www.eatalyworld.it/it/birra-e-mortazza

In the kitchen, beer becomes an ingredient that adds creativity and flavor to various dishes.

Here are 5 recipes that you can add beer to and get creative in the kitchen!

Cooking with beer | Batter and fried food

A perfect batter is made of cold lager and flour. Simply mix 200 ml of very cold lager with 150 g of sifted 0 flour. If you want you can also add 1 egg, but it’s not essential. You can enjoy an amazing crispy batter!

Even for fried vegetables or fish, you can replace milk with beer and you’ll get a lighter fried dish.

If you want to challenge yourself in the kitchen with beer-based recipes, this is the event for you!

On October 20th FICO hosts Beerchef: the challenge for the best recipe with beer. Find out how to participate now → https://www.eatalyworld.it/it/beerchef

Cooking with beer | Savory doughs

Have you ever thought about kneading with beer? Here's a great idea for adding flavor to your savory doughs.

Mix 200 ml of lager with 500 g of flour for one pizza (you won't need any yeast!).

Even bread can become crunchier outside and softer inside if you add beer instead of water.

Cooking with beer | Sautéed vegetables

You can use beer instead of wine to simmer the sautéed vegetables until reduced in the preparation of a risotto, or even meat. You just have to pay attention and add the beer at the moment of maximum heat and not to cover it with the lid until it has fully evaporated.

Cooking with beer | Meat and fish

Beer can give a different flavor to your dishes even when you cook meat and fish.

You can marinate meat in the beer to make it softer, but if you choose a lager beer you can also marinate mussels adding parsley, garlic, salt, and pepper.

Cooking with beer | Sweets

You can leave everyone speechless by preparing delicious beer sweets.

You can prepare sweet crêpes by simply mixing flour and eggs with beer. Finally, you can also use beer for sponge cake desserts, and even for a wonderful beer tiramisu, replacing the coffee used to soak the lady fingers!

If you are a beer enthusiast, you cannot miss Baladin courses at FICO:

How is beer made? Baladin explains it at FICO every day from 2 to 3 pm (except Tuesday) → https://www.eatalyworld.it/it/come-si-fa-la-birra

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TITLE: Recipes for cooking with beer

DESCRIPTION:  Discover a new fanciful ingredient to be used in the kitchen: 5 recipes to use beer in your dishes!