What to do in August: free time in the city

Guide to summer in the city for those who are traveling and those staying home
12 August 2019

What to do in August? Where to go?

The month that represents the height of summer holidays, in recent times August has also become a good opportunity to enjoy the city without the traffic that fills the streets during the rest of the year. While in the past those who stayed home during August practically found themselves struggling to survive in a desert environment, today the month offers the privilege of enjoying life without standing in line, without having to run, and without any delays. Even in the middle of August!

Museums, restaurants, festivals, and parks continue their activities even in the hottest month of the year. Here is FICO's mini guide of things to do in August, even in the city.

  1. Things to do in August: Relax

Since it was the emperor Augustus who commanded feriae (vacations), well, who are we to refuse! Rest and relaxation are the first objectives of the hottest month of the year. Wherever you are, regenerate, take it slow, and go take a walk.

Then, if the heat becomes unbearable, FICO offers you 20 acres of wellbeing where you can walk and discover or rediscover all the beauty of Italy. Looking for some ideas for a special day? Look here for some advice F https://www.eatalyworld.it/en/magazine/a-day-at-fico-eataly-world-bologna


  1. Things to do in August: Rediscover nature

August is the month of the sun and of nature at its maximum. The plants have borne their fruits and the countryside can be enjoyed in all its peacefulness.

For those who spend August in the city, don't worry, there's a piece of Italian countryside near the center of Bologna F https://www.eatalyworld.it/en/magazine/vita-in-campagna


  1. Things to do in August: Have fun

It's not the middle of August without water balloons and children. If you're looking for something less "wet" but just as fun, then let your children do some fingerpainting together with the German artist Klaus-Peter Frank.

Participate in the Bernd & Klaus workshop, starting at 6 pm your children will have the chance to paint with special "finger max" brushes: real brushes attached to the fingertips so the kids can be naturally creative! F https://www.eatalyworld.it/en/laboratorio-per-bambini-di-pittura


  1. Things to do in August: eat well with family and friends

A day of companionship, friends, fun, and laughter. In mid-August you must eat together...and well! No problem if everybody has different tastes because there's a place that offers a wide variety of high quality food: over 45 regional cuisines to choose from, from street food to award-winning restaurants.

See them all F https://www.eatalyworld.it/en/restaurants


  1. Things to do in August: take some time for yourself

As you rest during your August vacation, you also need to set aside some time for yourself and rediscover things you're passionate about. How about an art exhibit? If you are an art lover, FICO invites you to the vernissage of "Sudore e Polvere" [Sweat and Dust], a tribute to cars and events that still excite people worldwide.

F https://www.eatalyworld.it/en/sudore-polvere-automotive-art


  1. Things to do in August: Dance!

Who doesn't dance in the summer, especially on the most summery day of the year? Whether you're already an expert dancer or you have no idea what a "two step" is, check out the Gabusi summer school and its free dance lessons and four dance parties during the month of August!