Where to go for Easter?

Come to FICO for Easter and Easter Monday, we'll give you the most beautiful surprises!
21 March 2019

Easter is almost here, just a few weeks before the official inauguration of the Easter festivities, not to mention the first spring weekends that inspire you to travel and spend time outdoors! Where to go this Easter? It's the perfect time to plan a weekend or a special day during the week of Easter! Here at FICO we look forward to seeing you with your whole family, alone or with someone special to offer you some great surprises.

Here is our useful guide to decide how to spend Easter Sunday and Monday! 

For a green Easter

 Farm tour ☞  https://www.eatalyworld.it/en/at-the-farm

If you like to stay in touch with nature and you are enchanted by the rhythms of the seasons and the crops.

The winter is about to end, and with the arrival of spring the earth awaits new seeding. At our park we offer you a real guided visit to enjoy direct experiences and learn simple lessons about the charm of biodiversity. Recommended for families and curious children who are eager to discover or re-discover the land and its animals

For a super sweet Easter

If you are one of those for whom Easter isn't Easter without a Colomba cake, here is an event dedicated to your sweet tooth!

 Find out how to create mini Colomba cakes - from Tuesday to Saturday ☞ https://www.eatalyworld.it/en/balocco-cookies

Learn the secrets behind the best cookies and mini Colomba cakes from Maestro Balocco!

For a flavorful Easter

If you like artichokes and have the palate of a true connoisseur

 Discover the best artichoke - Sunday 14 April ☞  https://www.eatalyworld.it/it/carciofo-italiano

Compare the Montelupone artichoke with the Violetto di Castellammare artichoke. Come to taste them and give your vote to the "artichoke carpaccio"!

For an Easter entirely dedicated to children

 Discover how to decorate your own personalized chocolate Easter egg - from 22 March to 20 April ☞  https://www.eatalyworld.it/it/crea-il-tuo-uovo-di-pasqua

Children's workshop for making and decorating chocolate Easter eggs

 Discover how to make your chocolate Easter egg - 19 April ☞ https://www.eatalyworld.it/en/pastry-workshops-for-children

Workshop for children to create a wonderful Easter egg under the guidance of the great Master Pastry Chefs  Palazzolo.

 Discover how to make the Easter table unique with small bread decorations - April 20 ☞   https://www.eatalyworld.it/en/small-bread-decorations-for-easter  

Children can contribute to the preparation of Easter lunch by making small bread gifts!

 Create colorful flowers and little animals with sugared almonds - 21 April☞   https://www.eatalyworld.it/en/workshop-for-children-by-master-confectioners

The ancient art of the Di Carlo Master Confectioners opens its doors to children too who will learn under the guidance of the Confectioner to make small original creations from sugared almonds with their own hands.

 Easter treasure hunt - 22 April ☞  https://www.eatalyworld.it/en/treasure-hunt-for-children

The monthly appointment with the Agribottega's treasure hunt for children in April is inspired by Easter, accompanying all the children in search of special eggs.

Come to the Easter Camp for the Easter holidays!

 Discover the Agribottega space dedicated to children aged 4 to 11 - on 18, 19, 23, 24 and 26 April ☞  https://www.eatalyworld.it/en/magazine/easter-camp-a-fico

Workshops, meeting events to explore the entire park, learn about animals, work with natural materials and experiment with new artistic forms.


Are you ready for your first spring break? Come to FICO!