Wine Festival: the best food and wine events at FICO

We are dedicating September to winemakers, wine and its most fascinating rituals

September: it's time to harvest the grapes. 

The leaves are starting to turn yellow, the days are shorter, the atmosphere is becoming nostalgic: fall has begun. For the countryside it is the moment of harvest, of the smell of must and of the grapes that transform into rubies. Everything seems to be ready for the grape harvest.

September is the most beautiful month for wine lovers and their rituals.

Here at FICO we are dedicating the whole month to winemaking, grapes and wine, with a series of food and wine events dedicated to the rediscovery of rural traditions and above all to the pleasure of sharing a glass of good wine with family and friends!

We will discover together how every glass, every bottle holds within the wisdom of an ancient trade that for millennia has culminated in the ritual of the harvest.

How wonderful it is to harvest grapes!

  • Grape Harvest Festival September 15th 

The heart of all the September food and wine events is precisely the Grape Harvest Festival, which transforms FICO into a wine cellar for the occasion. Everyone will be able to take part in the pressing of the grapes, just like it used to be done, which thanks to the lightness of the crushing made it possible not to break the unripe berries, giving the wine a unique softness.

Come participate in this ancient ritual!

Lambrusco and salami is so good!

Lambrusco and salami, September 9th 

Lambrusco becomes the superstar of a sparkling day with friends and family!

Come and taste all the different varieties of Lambrusco. 

One of the best-selling sparkling wines in Italy and exported worldwide.

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How about an aperitif or a dinner in the vineyard tonight?

Dinner in the vineyard, September 1st 

Aperivigna, September 8th

A picnic basket with a bottle, salami, chips, taralli, omelette, and vegetables. A unique opportunity to sip a glass in the open air surrounded by music and the rows of the FICO vineyard. 60 fragrant vines, full-bodied and light, with purple, white, or red grapes.

A dinner in the vineyard is recommended for those who want to enjoy a fully sensory experience: pure magic.

There in the vineyards you can savor three dishes paired with three wines and pleasant live background music.



Wine as a philosophy of life.

A step, a page, a wine September 16th 

The philosopher Massimo Donà accompanies participants through thoughts and vineyards on a philosophical and tasty stroll. Step by step through the narration of his book Pensieri Bacchici: Vino tra filosofia, letteratura arte e politica (Bacchic thoughts: Wine and philosophy, literature, art and politics), stopping for tastings of the best wines of the Bottega del Vino.

Are you ready to start out on a philosophical path?


When the wine is Under 30

The FICO Nursery, September 22nd

The first Wine Festival dedicated to young winemakers under 30 years old!

Come and taste wines having great personality made by young vintners who have transformed their passion into a profession!

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Wine games

The Viniads, September 23nd

Are you ready for some new games?

The Viniads are a test of your knowledge of wine, ten challenges to earn points and win your free glass of wine!

How much do you know about wine?