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Pasta picena
Tasting of classic and whole wheat organic pasta
Pasta Picena traces its origin from the land where the ancient Picenes grew durum wheat on their hills! It is a high quality pasta that stems from art and passion! The pasta makers of Loro Piceno, a small village in the province of Macerata, will be promoting their organic products in the Kiosk of the Marche Region. Over the weekend, a special dish will be included in the kiosk menu: organic durum wheat semolina pasta with crispy guanciale, fresh tomato, and wild fennel. ☞ Come and enjoy a free sampling of whole wheat fusilli with seasonal vegetables, Saturday and Sunday, at 11 am and 5 pm. As an added pleasure, you can listen to the story of the tradition behind it and the company that produces it.
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Where Il Chiosco delle Regioni: Le Marche
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