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What is juicy, red and delicious and has an orange friend? Watermelon and melon are the stars of this healthy, colorful kiosk. Find FETTA and its freshest seasonal fruit at FICO Eataly World!

FETTA specialises in high-quality melons and watermelons, but also offers a wide selection of mixed fruit salads for your healthy and tasty snacks! If you’re committed to stick to your 5 A Day, FETTA will get you there effortlessly!

Created by Gaia Preti, FETTA unveils the secrets of a family-run farm business that has been producing PGI melons and watermelons for decades.Enjoy the freshest fruit salads, fresh-squeezed juices, fruit and vegetable extracts, and fruit-based desserts that change according to the different seasons: roasted chestnuts and Parmigiano with pears in autumn, apple-pie and orange juice in winter, strawberries and whipped-cream in spring, and sweet melon with prosciutto in summer.

Are you ready for your daily share of Nature?

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Via Paolo Canali 8 - Bologna
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