italia zuccheri

Italia Zuccheri

From the beet sowing to the table, the only sugar of the Italian farmers.
COPROB - Cooperativa Produttori Bieticoli, which is on the market with the brand Italia Zuccheri, is the only player of the Italian sugar beet sector to manage the whole chain from farm to table. Born in 1962, the Cooperative has always tried, in these 55 years, to pay fairly the work of its farmers; it has enlarged the membership base and the sugar beet area, and, with its two sugar plants in Minerbio (BO) and Padova (PD), has become the most significant producer of 100% Italian sugar. Equity, respect for the environment and the utmost care in quality controls are the distinctive peculiarities of the Group to guarantee its products. Italia Zuccheri recommends a balanced nutrition and, therefore, a conscious consumption of sugar and promotes physical activity in daily life.
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