Fico eataly world
The world’s largest food park. Covering an area of 100,000 sqm in Bologna, FICO embodies the wonders of Italian biodiversity.
2 hectares of fields and stables
40 Farming Factories
40 Eating Points
Shops and Marketplace
6 classrooms, 6 large educational "rides", theatre and cinema
A congress centre accomodating from 50 to 1000 people
And many areas devoted to sport, children, reading activities and services.


FICO offers many fun and educational experiences along its routes and within its grounds.

Discover Italian agriculture by visiting 2 hectares of open-air fields and stables housing more than 200 animals and 2000 cultivars.

Understand food processing by visiting the 40 farming factories and observing how meat, fish, cheese, pasta, oil, beer, sweets, etc. are processed.

Taste traditional Italian food at FICO’s 40 restaurants and refreshment points.

Jump on a “ride” by exploring FICO’s 6 large educational “rides” dedicated to Fire, Earth, Sea, Animals, Bottled Goods, and the Future.

Learn and have fun by attending up to 30 events and 50 classes per day held in classrooms, theaters and learning facilities.

Plan your meetings and conferences at FICO’s fully furnished Congress Centre accommodating from 50 to 1000 people.

Inside the park, visitors can decide to walk or bike on their own or guided by FICO’s Biodiversity Ambassadors.


We aim at telling the World about the excellence of Italian food and wines.

We tell the story of Italian agri-food culture combining local tradition, high-quality food, and the expertise of those who have always been working in the agri-food chains. All of this under one roof.

FICO - Fabbrica Italiana Contadina, the Italian Farming Factory. A place where values are produced, even before produce and products. It is Italian, from the seed to its final shape. And farming, meant as hands-on, fully connected to the soil.

Because the poetry originates there, precisely, in the uniqueness of our territory and our climate, and in the skillful hands of those who know how to take care, transform and cook, better than anyone else in the world, the production of mother nature.

FICO Eataly World is a training ground for a sensorial and educational experience about food and its biodiversity, where the wonders of the Italian food and wine industry are presented and narrated from their birth inside Mother Earth to their final destination on a dish and in a glass. We welcome hundreds of small and medium-sized Italian high-quality businesses that will showcase live their manufacturing and crafting arts. We shall be the echo of their tales, crafts, passion, ingenuity.

The taste and the beauty of Italy, illustrated to all citizens of the world.

Who we are

Oscar Farinetti Eataly Founder
FICO Eataly World will be a place where children and young people from all over the world will understand the immense heritage of Italy, a place which aims to enhance the culture related to food and to generate a sense of pride in the new generation. It will be a place of contrasts but also of collaboration between small and large Italian companies, between new start ups and old traditional businesses. It will be the showroom of the Italian excellence, the showcase for Italy in front of the World.
Tiziana Primori Managing Director FICO Eataly World
All over the World, Italy is known as a unique place in terms of food variety, culture, tradition and biodiversity. We will bring into FICO Eataly World the excellence of Italian food and wines and the beauty of the Italian agri-food industry, including the traditional skills of our artisans and the best food industries know how.
Andrea Segrè President of the agri-food market of Bologna (CAAB)
FICO Eataly World will be an unbelievable and unique place for food and environmental education, it shall provide children and young people, foreign and Italian, with the chance of getting to know the rich heritage of our country. It will be "FICO" F(abbrica) I(taliana) Co(ntadina) [Italian Farming Factory] a huge didactical farm which represents and enhances the excellence of Italian quality: culture and tradition, history and future, health and environment awareness.
Alessandro Bonfiglioli General Manager of the agri-food market of Bologna (CAAB)
FICO Eataly World is an excellent entrepreneurial project with a big international significance. It is not only a project which creates value for all stakeholders but also a tremendous opportunity for our country.
Andrea Cornetti General Manager of Prelios SGR
The project FICO has already received the agreement and support of many investors, offering them the opportunity to participate actively in the promotion of the Italian food excellence all over the world. FICO Eataly World is the example of perfect balance between public and private investment, it is a great opportunity for the entire Italian Country.
Virginio Merola Bologna Municipality Major
The perfect join between private and public stakeholders and resources, a real innovative idea. For the Bologna Municipality FICO Eataly World will be a "second city center" and will enhance our touristic offering. Thanks to this project a big public building will be valued and enriched.
Agri-food market of Bologna (CAAB) is one of the leading wholesale distribution facilities in Italy, its operations are centred around a strategy relying on innovation and sustainability. CAAB comprises the fruit and vegetable market, where 18 wholesalers are active, with 5 cooperatives that group together 290 businesses and 100 farms selling directly. CAAB was the first facility in Europe to receive the ISO 9000 certification and it is still the only that can pride itself of having a product certification: CAAB features a health-hygiene monitoring system that carries out over one hundred thousand chemical and microbiological tests every year.
It is a group established in 2006 by Oscar Farinetti operating as a distribution and catering chain of typical Italian food products. The Group selects and distributes high quality products supplied by small-medium firms active in the food and wine industry, in order to make them available to a larger bracket of the population. Furthermore, it aims at increasing the demand for quality products by way of educational courses for children, cooking classes, tasting events. Eataly has over twenty points of sale in Italy and across the world.
Coop Alleanza 3.0 was born on January 1, 2016 from the merger of Coop Adriatica, Coop Consumatori Nordest and Coop Estense. The merger of the three leading consumer cooperatives in Coop Alleanza 3.0 is based on the will to meet the needs of the members and to offer them safe and quality products and services at the best price. Coop Allenza 3.0 is the biggest Italian cooperative and one of the largest in Europe, with 2,7 million members, over 400 retail outlet in 12 regions, 22,000 employees. It registered a total turnover of € 5 billion and 2,2 billion of assets.
Coop Reno was established on 22nd October 1988. Its corporate mission is to become leader supermarket in small and medium-sized centers for the quality of service and for competitiveness. On 31st December 2015, Coop Reno counted 41 sales outlets (28 in the province of Bologna, 8 in the province of Ferrara, 3 in Polesine rodigino, and 2 in the province of Ravenna) for an annual sales of 162,914,174 euros, 90,867 members, 768 employees, 10,670 shareholder members.
Prelios SGR was awarded the contract tendered by Centro Agroalimentare di Bologna (CAAB) to establish, develop and manage PAI, the real estate fund reserved to qualified investors. Prelios SGR is the Estate Asset Management company of the Prelios Group.
City Of Food is a project aimed at the promotion and coordination of initiatives devoted to food; a catalyst of research activities, spaces, experiences, scientific-cultural and commercial events linked to the theme of food, taking place in the metropolitan area of Bologna. City Of Food will cooperate with BolognaWelcome to establish together a schedule of food-related events, directly promoting some or acting as a facilitator. The main distinctive element shall be allowing visitors to experience a proper plunge into the architectural, historical, cultural, local and metropolitan context through the themes of taste, sustainability and food education.
Company privately held by Eataly Srl, Coop Alleanza 3.0 Soc. Coop. and Coop Reno Scarl. Its goal is to launch, manage and promote the edutainment park FICO Eataly World.
Board of Directors
  • Honorary president Oscar Farinetti
  • President Francesco Farinetti
  • CEO Tiziana Primori
  • Adviser Elio Gasperoni
  • Advise Nicola Farinetti
  • Advise Piero Bagnasco
  • Advise Andrea Mascherini
Statutory Auditors
  • President Elio Di Odoardo
  • Paolo Giraudo
  • Giovanni Bosticco

Fico Foundation

FICO is a training ground for a sensorial and educational experience about food and its biodiversity.

We want to re-create a bridge between the new generations, the adults from all over the globe and the food, the agricultural world and its differences. We want to achieve this goal through a real and complete consumer experience by recovering the direct and physical contact with what we eat and with the natural environment in which we live.

Education with FICO is fun, with hands-on activities and games; while at the same time, educational about the earth and animals, providing in-depth analysis and action with a freedom of undoing and patience. We want to discover Italy from its deepest roots, taking a journey of knowledge together through the entire food production chain of the Italian agri-food industry. What are the grains? Where is the bread from? When and how do you plant seeds? Why are there white breads and dark breads?

To support its educational motivation, Eataly World established the FICO Foundation for Food Education and Sustainability. Its primary aim is in food education and consumption awareness with particular reference to Italian culture. We are a foundation which will cultivate the values that are put into daily practice within the park and with the specific objective of delivering through the activity of training, promotion and research, supporting the values linked to a healthy, correct, responsible lifestyle, linked to the Mediterranean diet, and directed especially to young people, families, teachers and citizens in general.
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Via Paolo Canali 8 - Bologna
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